Acute kidney failure occurs when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste products from your blood. When your kidneys lose their filtering ability, dangerous levels of wastes may accumulate, and your blood's chemical makeup may get out of balance.

Acute kidney failure — also called acute renal failure or acute kidney injury — develops rapidly, usually in less than a few days. Acute kidney failure is most common in people who are already hospitalized, particularly in critically ill people who need intensive care.

Acute kidney failure can be fatal and requires intensive treatment. However, acute kidney failure may be reversible. If you're otherwise in good health, you may recover normal or nearly normal kidney function.

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Acute renal failure can occur when:

Impaired blood flow to the kidneys

Diseases and conditions that may slow blood flow to the kidneys and lead to kidney injury include:

Damage to the kidneys

These diseases, conditions and agents may damage the kidneys and lead to acute kidney failure:

Urine blockage in the kidneys

Diseases and conditions that block the passage of urine out of the body (urinary obstructions) and can lead to acute kidney injury include:


Signs and symptoms of acute renal failure include:

Sometimes acute kidney failure causes no signs or symptoms and is detected through lab tests done for another reason.


Acute renal failure almost always occurs in connection with another medical condition or event. Conditions that can increase your risk of acute kidney failure include:


Potential complications of acute renal failure include:


Acute renal failure is often difficult to predict or prevent. But you may reduce your risk by taking care of your kidneys. Try to:

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Your doctor will start with a physical exam in order to provide remedies to treat acute renal failure. They might also order tests of your blood, urine and kidneys


If there aren’t any underlying conditions, the kidneys may heal by itself. In most other cases, kidney failure is often treated if it’s caught early. It may involve changes to your diet, the use of medicines or even require dialysis.


Renal failure is an increasing major public illness worldwide. The number of renal failure patients on hemodialysis is also increasing rapidly. Acupuncture technique is one among the best treatment methods that has been utilized in treating a variety of diseases. Nowadays, the clinical application of acupuncture technique for renal failure patients has become the main target for its effectiveness and security. Researchers and reviews suggest that acupuncture has the best therapeutic effects and mechanisms of different acupuncture techniques for renal disorder patients has proven effective. Other benefits of acupuncture are;


Acupuncture is a traditional therapy that supports the thought of energetics within the body and it is considered to be the permanent treatment to cure acute renal failure, sometimes it could help by avoiding dialysis.


Looking for a best remedy to treat renal disorders in chennai, here’s why you should reach out to the best Acupuncturist Shaji Bharath from Dr.Bharath’s AcuHeal. He is currently treating patients for a wide range of conditions. As a certified acupuncture practitioner with 15 years of experience, with vast knowledge on nephrology and having worked with several nephrologists, doctor Bharath has seen Acupuncture doing wonders on people suffering from renal disorders and providing permanent cure. The effectiveness rate increases several times just with one course of Acupuncture and it can help alleviate the symptoms, reduce pain and increase the rate of curing kidney disorders, helping patients get back to their normal routine, by evaluating your condition and offering the best therapy and treatment. Most of the people swear by acupuncture, citing it as a ‘miracle’ to improving their quality of life, that focuses on treating renal failure, which allows you to live a hassle free healthy life.

Dial: +91 9884746916 or Visit: for more details on treating renal disorders and providing relief using Acupuncture, by contacting the top acupuncture doctor in Chennai.


To choose the Best doctor for Acupuncture, it's important that the Acupuncturist should have a decade of experience and treated at least 1000 to 2000 patients.

You can also search for the Best Acupuncture Doctor near me or ask your primary care physician to refer an experienced Acupuncturist nearby. Once you find the Best Acupuncture Doctor in Chennai, you may go through their google reviews first and then fix an appointment with the doctor only when you are satisfied with the reviews.

The Best Acupuncture Doctor should address your concerns and help you feel more comfortable before your first session. Acupuncture usually takes numerous sessions or several weeks to get a complete cure in any ailment but within 3 or 4 sessions the patients will experience positive differences.


There are numerous clinics popping up and it is sometimes skeptical to choose the best or even the safe one. To address such concerns, you can look into the following points to choose the best acupuncture clinic for treating acute renal failure. Acupuncture is also offered in hospital, pain clinics and by healthcare organizations but it is ideal to visit the best Acupuncture Clinic. If you are not sure, it would be a good idea to contact your local doctor to see if they would be prepared to refer to the best rated acupuncture clinics.Acupuncture is offered in top rated acupuncture clinics near me because conventional treatment has failed or produces unacceptable side effects. Most of the best acupuncture clinics will spell out very clearly what type of acupuncture they practice and how professional they are - at present anyone can set themselves up as an acupuncturist but reputable practitioners will belong to an organization. So while you are filtering the best clinics for acupuncture that treats acute renal failure, you can look out for these factors.Treatment without surgery for acute renal failure is possible through acupuncture and it gives the best result.

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Acute renal failure can be a life-threatening illness. Chronic renal failure or end-stage renal disease can develop. There’s a greater risk of death if kidney failure is caused by severe infection, trauma, or surgery.With acupuncture treatment, your chances of recovery are good. Seek immediate and regular medical care for acute renal failure by Dialing +91 9884746916 or Visiting: to heal faster and to get the best remedy.


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What are the services provided for Acute Renal Failure by Dr. Bharath’s Acu Heal?

After a thorough investigation by pulse and tongue diagnosis, the Acupuncturist can understand the condition of the disease. Acupuncture treatment will be given based on the disease’s chronicity and acuteness. In the first few sessions, there will be a positive change in the symptoms and after several sessions, there will be a 90% to 100% chance that the patient will get cured of the Acute Renal failure. Simultaneously the patient will be advised on a diet with food restrictions like avoiding citric foods, exercise regime which includes an induced sound sleep that plays a vital role in reversing the disease.

What are the benefits of acupuncture for Acute Renal Failure?

This is a drugless therapy and there is no side effect. After 1 or 2 sessions patients with CKD problem may be having edema in the foot which will be reduced. Probably after few sessions, there will be reductions in creatinine levels. Once the total session is getting over, you can stop the previous medications.

How many sessions of acupuncture do you need for Acute Renal Failure?

It takes 30 to 40 sessions approximately (4 to 5 months).


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