Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep, or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep. You may still feel tired when you wake up. Insomnia can sap not only your energy level and mood but also your health, work performance and quality of life.

How much sleep is enough varies from person to person, but most adults need seven to eight hours a night.

At some point, many adults experience short-term (acute) insomnia, which lasts for days or weeks. It's usually the result of stress or a traumatic event. But some people have long-term (chronic) insomnia that lasts for a month or more. Insomnia may be the primary problem, or it may be associated with other medical conditions or medications.Insomnia creates major distress or functional difficulties in a person’s life. It can lead to issues such as:

  • daytime sleepiness and lethargy
  • a general feeling of being mentally and physically unwell
  • mood changes, irritability, and anxiety

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Insomnia can be classified by duration:

Doctors also classify it by cause:

In addition, they classify it by severity:





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Depending on your situation, the diagnosis of insomnia and the search for its cause may include:

Your doctor will ask questions about your:


Sleep is as important to your health as a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Whatever your reason for sleep loss, insomnia can affect you both mentally and physically. People with insomnia report a lower quality of life compared with people who are sleeping well.

Complications of insomnia may include:


Nearly everyone has an occasional sleepless night. But your risk of insomnia is greater if:


Good sleep habits can help prevent insomnia and promote sound sleep:



Acupuncture is often used for the treatment of insomnia. This procedure involves the insertion of very fine needles into the skin at specific acupuncture points in order to influence the functioning of the body. The results of recent studies have shown acupuncture improved sleep quality in people with insomnia. Increased muscle tension and intrusive thoughts can interfere with sleep. After making the diagnosis, the doctor will then treat the symptoms using acupuncture to regulate and create balance within the body.The treatment duration depends on the severity and the stage of the insomnia. For example, acute insomnia may require treatments of one course over the period of about a month. For temporary insomnia, fewer than 10 sessions may be needed, while chronic insomnia may require more than one course of treatment.Experiencing high stress or anxiety are very common reasons for experiencing sleep disruption. Acupuncture points known to calm the mind are often used during acupuncture treatments to create a calming effect.Treating insomnia with acupuncture may also begin to offer additional benefits including:


Insomnia is one of the most common diseases in modern society, around 15% to 30% of adults and 10% to 23% of adolescents worldwide have different degrees of insomnia.It can lead to early awakening, short sleep, heavy sleeplessness, dreaming, poor sleep quality, and working hours after waking up, causes a series of negative emotions, such as fatigue, inefficiency, cognitive decline, social interaction, tension, and anxiety, which affect social harmony and stability. So Insomnia has gained more and more attention. Acupuncture, as one of the complementary and alternative medical therapies for insomnia, has been proved to be an effective method for insomnia in many clinical trials.Currently, the first-line drugs available for clinical treatment of insomnia include benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine receptor agonists, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines, phytotherapeutic substances, and melatonin. However, long-term use of these drugs will bring some side effects to patients, such as headache, dizziness, dry mouth, abnormal taste.Acupuncture may be one of the alternative methods to treat insomnia, with little side effects.


Insomnia is a great challenge to the physical and mental health of individuals. Acupuncture appears to have better outcomes than conventional pharmacological drugs and basic neuroendocrinological studies in the literature support the efficacy of acupuncture treatment. In a proposed potential mechanism for acupuncture treatment, various neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, melatonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and β-endorphin, are mediated.Acupuncture increases the contents of gamma-aminobutyric acid and serotonin in the brain, thus improving sleep quality.Moreover, the endocrine system is affected, resulting in a nocturnal increase in the secretion of endogenous melatonin. Acupuncture is thought to return the sleep–wake cycle to normal as well. Acupuncture can be thought of as a homeostatic force that renormalizes Yin and Yang. The biphasic regulation effect of acupuncture is a unique salience network composed of the anterior insular cortex and anterior cingulate, which might account for the effectiveness of acupuncture in preventing sleep deprivation.


Studies have shown that when the points are punctured the body releases opioid peptides to create an analgesic and calming effect on the central nervous system (CNS), allowing you to relax a bit easier. In addition to helping with sleep issues, these points are also effective while treating chronic pain, which can be a another common culprit for sleep disturbances.A report published in 2004 found that acupuncture, used on patients with anxiety or depression, increased the production of melatonin at night, thereby increasing their total sleep time. Patients who received acupuncture were less mentally stimulated at night, fell asleep faster, and were generally less stressed. Acupuncture’s effect on the regulation of melatonin and adenosine is very important to balancing the body’s natural cycle. Melatonin is released at night to increase drowsiness and allow you to fall asleep, whereas adenosine is released throughout the day to keep us awake. Acupuncture has been shown in clinical trials to increase adenosine levels during treatment (2012) thus increasing our bodies’ need for sleep the longer we stay awake.


The sleep–wake cycle is a very complicated process related to the central and peripheral nervous systems, and the endocrine system. According to modern medicine, distribution of the anatomical structure of the sleep–wake cycle, including inhibitory and arousal nucleus and the imbalance of corresponding neurotransmitters, causes insomnia.

Acupuncture is considered to have a unique advantage not only in improving sleep disorders, but also in regulating a healthy mental state. Our results implied that acupuncture had antidepressive effects for insomnia patients. Acupoint selection is one of the crucial factors for the effects of acupuncture . Several main acupoints on the Governor Vessel and other highly recommended acupoints for treating insomnia should be selected. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, insomnia is a consequence of the vicious cycle of ‘daytime low-spirit’ and ‘nighttime hyper-arousal state’. Also, the Governor Vessel is closely related to the occurrence of insomnia; it governs all ‘yang’ meridians and connects all ‘yin’ meridians in the human body. Regulating the Governor Vessel can correct the imbalance of ‘yin–yang’ at night and restore the normal day–night cycle. ‘Deqi’ sensation is considered to be another important factor in achieving therapeutic effectiveness in acupuncture treatment.

It is the patient's subjective sensation, manifested as soreness, fullness, heaviness and numbness when receiving acupuncture treatment. Experienced acupuncturists perform rotating, lifting and thrusting, needle-handle scraping or flicking, and other manipulations for seeking ‘deqi’ sensation and, thus, offer better results.


Sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so if you are struggling with insomnia or any other sleep disorder, you owe it to yourself to try an acupuncture insomnia treatment to improve your quality of sleep. Acupuncture balances the body and restores its physiological function by inserting thin needles at specific acupoints. Therefore, it does not affect the natural sleep–wake cycle. It is found that acupuncture can increase the content of serotonin and aminobutyric acid and reduce glutamate levels . Thus, Acupuncture’s effect on the regulation of melatonin and adenosine is very important to balancing the body’s natural cycle.


Looking for the best relief for Insomnia in Chennai, here’s why you should reach out to the expert Acupuncturist. A. Shaji Bharath from the best rated clinic Dr.Bharath’s Acu Heal. He is currently treating patients for a wide range of conditions. As a best acupuncture practitioner with 15 years of experience, and having worked with several Urologists, Neurologists and Otolaryngologists, Acupuncturist. A. Shaji Bharath can create the treatment plan for the best cure for insomnia to manage the condition that's tailored to your needs, which can break a cycle of irregular sleep patterns. As the top acupuncture doctor for sleep disturbances in Chennai he has witnessed acupuncture doing wonders on people suffering from Insomnia. The effectiveness rate increases several times just with one course of Acupuncture and a specialized expertise in Insomnia and other headache-related disorders is warranted. So, take some time to find the right pain management and best remedy for Insomnia through acupuncture approach that suits you. Most people say acupuncture is the best cure and a ‘miracle’ in improving their quality of life.If you are interested in trying acupuncture to help with insomnia, give us a call today.

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To choose the Best doctor for Acupuncture, it's important that the Acupuncturist should have a decade of experience and treated at least 1000 to 2000 patients.

You can also search for the Best Acupuncture Doctor near me or ask your primary care physician to refer an experienced Acupuncturist nearby. Once you find the Best Acupuncture Doctor in Chennai, you may go through their google reviews first and then fix an appointment with the doctor only when you are satisfied with the reviews.

The Best Acupuncture Doctor should address your concerns and help you feel more comfortable before your first session. Acupuncture usually takes numerous sessions or several weeks to get a complete cure in any ailment but within 3 or 4 sessions the patients will experience positive differences.


Owing to the demand for the treatment, there are numerous clinics popping up and it is sometimes skeptical to choose the best or even the safe one. To address such concerns, you can look into the following points to choose the best acupuncture clinic for insomnia. Acupuncture is also offered in hospital pain clinics and by healthcare organizations but it is ideal to visit the best Acupuncture Clinic for insomnia. For example in cases where a patient specifically requests acupuncture for insomnia, or where it is felt that acupuncture would complement conventional treatment. In some cases acupuncture is offered in top rated acupuncture clinics near me because conventional treatment has failed or produces unacceptable side effects.

Most of the best acupuncture clinics for insomnia will spell out very clearly

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So while you are filtering the best clinics for acupuncture that treats insomnia, you can look out for these factors.


Insomnia is a common problem. It can result from a range of issues, which may involve physical or mental health. In some cases, they are environmental or relate to lifestyle factors, such as shift work and caffeine or alcohol use.

A lack of sleep can lead to a variety of problems, ranging from mild tiredness to chronic illness.

Anyone who experiences ongoing trouble sleeping and feels that it is affecting their daily life should see an acupuncturist doctor, who can help identify the cause and recommend a solution.


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What are the services provided for insomnia by Dr. Bharath’s Acu Heal?

A person needs to sleep for 7 to 8hrs between 9 pm to 6 am daily. If not, then the person gets disturb sleep and finds mood change, irritability, and anxiety. The feeling of being physically and mentally unwell may also be experienced by an insomnia patient.

The Acupuncturist can understand the condition of the disease only after a thorough investigation by pulse and tongue diagnosis. After few sessions of Acupuncture, the person will have very sound sleep which will, in turn, improve his/her health condition. Simultaneously the patient will be advised on a diet and exercise regime that plays a vital role in reversing the disease.

What are the benefits of acupuncture for insomnia?

This is a drugless therapy and there are no side effects. After completing the course of treatment any form of medication can be stopped.

How many sessions do you need for insomnia?

It takes around 20 to 25 sessions in a period of 2 to 3 months.


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